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Slimming Treatments

Cavitation Electro Stimulation

Using the latest and safest ultrasound technology, we can permanently remove stubborn fat from any area of the body. Then using innovative muscle stimulation, we send the useless fat cells to the renal system where it is removed from the body comfortably and naturally.

Our Lipo treatment:
  • Is Safe
  • Is effective
  • Has no Bruising or tissue damage
  • Needs no recovery time
  • Does not require exercise afterwards

Ultrasonic cavitation is the new beauty treatment that replaces liposuction without going under the knife. It is the only proven non-invasive fat reduction treatment for long term weight loss and a more defined body contour.


Pressotherapy is a painless, non-invasive detoxifying treatment. It's a great alternative to liposuction.

Pressotherapy is used to:
  • Duplicate the action on the body of massage
  • Repress the blood through slow and progressive pressure
  • Lessen telangiectasis (Capillary distension / swelling / expansion)
  • Lymphatic drainage (alleviate oedema or swelling of the leg)
  • Provide immediate leg comfort and lightness

Other treatment benefits include:
  • Immediate relief and comfort for heavy legs, water retention, cellulite, and poor circulation
  • Body shaping and profiling

NB: All these procedures are done by certified Plastic Surgeons or Dermatologists.