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Double Chin Treatment

If you are someone that really cares about the way you look then you are probably pretty annoyed when you see pictures of yourself and you have a double chin. For most people, this is a result of being overweight, but it can happen to people that are in great shape. The reason that it happens is because the neck muscles are underdeveloped and the skin starts to get stretched out.

Orliss offers a "Double Chin Treatment" To take care of this problem. The procedure starts by making a small incision underneath your chin, and the fat in this region is removed using liposuction. The muscles that cause the bands in this area can be also cut or sutured together.

This procedure is often performed in conjunction with a standard neck or cheek lift.

NB: All surgeries are done by certified Plastic Surgeons and performed in an accredited hospital facility.

Double Chin Surgery Results (Before & After)